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By now Hurricane Harvey is long gone, but its effects will be around for months, if not years. A few weeks ago when Harvey was beating down the Texas coast, pleas were going out in Dallas for certain items that could be used at American Red Cross shelters that were being set up. Dallas Regional Medical Center (DRMC) staff immediately got together and started a drive for items requested by the Red Cross, and its official Dallas collection organization, Trusted World.

Some of the most-needed items were bassinets and baby wipes/diapers. As luck would have it, DRMC was one of the Texas launch partners for the Baby Box program back in May. Some quick thinking between several DRMC leaders led to the hospital being able to donate 100 Baby Boxes to Trusted World for Red Cross shelters. This donation provided 100 safe sleep environments for newborns and infants, plus a good supply of diapers and wipes.

“We were thrilled to be able to help the Red Cross, especially with an item like the Baby Boxes. Being able to provide a safe place for babies to sleep really touches the hearts of all DRMC staff members,” said Glenda Newby, CEO of Dallas Regional Medical Center.

DRMC has also partnered with the Mesquite Rodeo to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. For the month of September, special barrels will be placed around the Mesquite Area during all rodeo events. People can drop off a variety of needed goods and receive a discount on rodeo tickets.

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