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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the staff of Dallas Regional Medical Center in Mesquite has found a heightened sense of camaraderie in facing COVID-19 head on, and the community found one way to remind them they’ve got their back.

An estimated 200 people from the Mesquite community gathered in their cars Friday evening in the DRMC office building parking lot to show their support and pray for those health care workers, first responders and the thousands who have become ill or lost loved ones to the virus.

DRMC CEO Glenda Matchett said some staff members and providers watched the event while on their break, as well as a number of patients watching from their rooms. A few spectators even got a bird’s eye view from the sky bridge over Highland Village Drive, which overlooks the parking lot.

The well-wishers ended their prayers, led by Community Life Church Sunnyvale Campus Pastor Joe Paris, by “lifting a joyful noise” in a chorus of car horns that reverberated throughout the DRMC campus.

“This prayer event brought a tear to my eye, and the eyes of many others too,” she said. “Everyone in the South Tower could hear it when the community members were honking their horns. Knowing so many people were thinking about us was music to our ears.”

Matchett thanked Paris for helping set up the prayer event, “and for all those who joined physically or virtually. It was an incredible event.”

“We have an amazing community, and I have been blown away by all of the kind deeds people have performed for our staff,” she said.

Anyone wishing to show their appreciation for hospital staff is asked to email to make arrangements.